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    Audio pan center & Sequence setting question


      Good morning,


      I have two questions and I edit on Premiere Pro CS6:


      Questions #1:  I need a little help.  This year, we switched from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro.  In FCP, when we exported, we would make sure we "PAN CENTER" audio.


      How do you do this in Premiere Pro?  If I watch our shows online from this year (edited on Premiere), the audio is terrible, unless the viewer moves the balance on their computer to the left or right.


      Any solutions?


      Question #2: My students are I (I am a broadcast teacher) are stuggling with sequence settings.  We import video and then drag a clip on the timline.  When the video is on the timeline, it is zoomed in.  I can scale the clip to fit the screen, but then I have to do this to every clip.  What is the trick to get the video to match the sequence settings?  When the program asks to "Change setting", we do that, but sometimes when I create a new sequence, it will not ask me to "Change settings" and the video is zommed in.


      Any solutions?