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    Additional items or loops

    CSeiler2012 Level 1

      Let's say I want an order form, but don't know how many row (items) the person will need.  So I create a form with ten lines.  Since this is a flat file sort of response table, we're using one row per submission. How can we best add some flexibility into the form so to allow the user to submit more than ten lines without having to start over and fill out the whole form again?


      I'm thinking something like one record being contact info plus ten lines of items, and when the user gets to the bottom, they hit submit, but afterwards, they are given the option to add more lines of items, but they don't have to complete the contact information at the top of the form again.  That is, the form repeats the items until the customer finishes as many as they need.  So, if the customer needs 16 items, two submissions are used, one with ten and the next with six. 


      Or is this well beyond the scope of this tool?  If so, is there another tool Adobe has that can do it?  I'm trying to keep from having to start from scratch and write something myself.