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    Inconsistency in the Preview with Color Noise Reduction

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      Adobe guys:  You have a bad variable  access, bad pointer, or something in Camera Raw with regard to Color Noise Reduction...


      If I have color noise reduction turned off (set to 0), I see this:




      And in fact it converts to just what shows in the preview:





      If I bump the Color noise reduction slider up to 1 with the Color Detail slider at 100, I get this wonderful DeBayer smoothing in the preview:



      But alas, this is what comes out in the conversion:





      The smoothing shown DOES in fact match if one sets the Color Detal slider to 50 at the middle of the scale:






      This is just an annoyance, but it does take some trial and error to see what you really want the Color Detail slider set to.



      By the way, I notice that the jaggies come and go seemingly randomly when the Color Detail slider is at 100 and I move the Color slider.  I suspect you're reading the wrong or random location for Color Detail, or maybe have an overflow/underflow condition somehow.


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