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    Combining Flex with Flash


      I'm in the process of building a clients web site using Flash and Actionscript 3.

      Once I'm done with the site, my next project for this client is to add an online store.

      The client wants the web site and store to be seamless, i.e. part of the same site.

      Is there any way to marry a Flex app with a Flash app?


        • 1. Combining Flex with Flash

          Flex can load the web site Flash piece since its a SWF file.

          You can also import the Flash application into a Flex application since its exported out as an SWF as well.

          I know that doesn't really help much since I said you can do both. :)

          The right answer really depends on what it is you want to do with the site. However, since they are both being exported as swf you can import either one into the other.

          I would think that the flash site would be inside the flex application since I think of it as more of the controller of the site. However, that is my opinion.

          I know this wasn't a great answer. If you can be more specific on what functionality resides where then I can help a little more.