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    Text on my website moves position after export




      I'm making a website for a mate that I have designed mainly in photoshop and then sliced up in Fireworks. Everything on the site looks fine while I'm in Fireworks. But as soon as I export to css & images and open the website in a browser, it looks different:


      I have a line of text on the bottom of the page with contact details. It's selectable and sliced with an html-slice. Once exported, this textline moves to the wrong spot. It moves a few pixels further down on the site, compared to when I'm looking at it in Fireworks. This is the funny thing though:


      The textline that is moving is on my masterpage. If I export the masterpage on its own, without any content, the text is in the right spot even after exported. But as soon as I export a page with content, i.e. "info" or "contact", then the textline moves down again!


      What am I doing wrong? Has anyone come across this before?