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    Three-Way Color Correction: Is it possible to display overlay type masks?

    KlausKi Level 1

      The New CS6 Features tutorial's episode "Three-Way Color Correction" demonstrates how to use the mask option to constrain color correction to a limited range of colors:


      MaskePremiere 1.png


      It seems that if the Show Mask option is enabled, the user can only see a b/w picture showing the mask but not the original image:

      MaskePremiere 4.png


      This type of mask seems quite cumbersome to use. In order to see whether each of the desired image pixels is within the range of the mask, the user is required to rapidly click the Show Mask checkbox on/off to verify the mask against the original image.



      Painting programs like Corel PhotoPAINT provide two alternative ways to display a mask while still be able to see the original image:



      The first option is to outline the mask in an animated fashion (I can only show a still image here):

      MaskePremiere 2.png

      The second option is to have every pixel that's not included in the mask getting tinted in a color defined by the user:

      MaskePremiere 3.png


      These kind of masks are rather helpful when it comes to finding missing pixels. Thus I'd like to ask:


      Are such masking options also available in Premiere Pro CS6?