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    Rama1234ish Level 1

      I tryed exporting fla files as mov. When I did this it did not export ever frame. Does anyone know why?

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          Flash and QT do not play nice. You cannot import a QT, you cannot scrpt an export of a QT even though its in the profile but you can export a qt with all frames if you EXport->Export Movie and select QT..but there are radio buttons to export to last frame or based on timeline..u may want to double check that..

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            robdillon Most Valuable Participant

            Depending on the version of Flash that you're working with the export may be difficult or very difficult. In version CS5 and earlier, Flash allowed a Quicktime export that used no compressor. With version CS5.5 and 6 they've managed to screw this up to make video export a more difficult proposition.


            While there is no good reason to remove the no compressor option, Adobe still did just that, yet keeping the Animation compressor, one that hasn't been used since 1997 by anyone.


            In any case, you need to give the export function the best opportunity for success. Make sure that you use the most appropriate compressor, keep the frame rate for the video the same as it was for your Flash movie, keep the image size the same as the stage size was in Flash, let the compressor set the keyframing.


            There are a number of third party applications that will convert an .swf to video. You may want to look at one of those as an alternative.

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              brutha1209 Level 1

              Personally, to remove Flash from the equation i export sequemces and audio from Flash. I then encode with ffmpeg...

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                Rama1234ish Level 1

                Could I use media encoder to do some kind of conversion to get an fla. file into Premiere with all the frames?

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                  boudewijndanser Level 1

                  Running into this too... bummer.