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    Actions in CS5.1

    Precise Formwork Level 1

      Heya, I'm trying to edit an action. I'm trying to change how I move something. I'm using a mac, I've tried clicking on the specific item in the action and hitting record; NO JOY.


      I've tried selecting 'record again', but NO JOY. When I click on 'record again', it quickly goes to reord, then out of record and then it's back to normal as if it wasn't recording.


      I've put in a lot of work on this action it's a shame.


      The action itself, is placing an image as a watermark, then moving it down and centre, slightly editing the image with effects, then finally flattening the image. Auto colour tone etc.


      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          Which step in the action do you want to change?


          Can you post a screenshot of the action with all the steps open?



          For example if you just move the layer with the move tool or nudge, you'll probably have to record a new step and delete the old one.

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            conroy Level 5


            "Record Again" will just playback a Move step without pausing for changes, so you'll have to delete that step then record a new Move step in its place.


            In the Action panel, select the current Move step then click the trash can at bottom of panel to delete it. Select the step that is immediately before the location for the Move, click the record button, make the new Move then click stop button. The new Move will have replaced the old.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Creating a good watermarking action is not all that easy if the you want to be able to run the that action on any size document.  I put together a crafting action package that contains a sample watermarking action. Perhaps you may gain some insite if you reat the information in this package.


              Crafting Actions Package




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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                It's best to think of editing as "re-recording" an entire action step.  That'll get you closer to being able to use the Actions panel effectively.


                Some action steps you can double click and make changes, which will overwrite that step.  Note that I'm talking about entire steps here, not parameters within the step.



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                  Precise Formwork Level 1

                  Thanks for your replies guys; really appreciate it.


                  Ok I have tried editing many a time now. The action itself will not run properly in photoshop, it does not seem to be moving the logo to where I want it.


                  Attached pic of workflow.

                  Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 21.39.48.pngAnother time I edited

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                    conroy Level 5

                    In the Actions panel dropdown (triangle at top-right), pick Playback Options then pick Step by Step in the dialogue that appears. Now there will be a brief pause between steps which should allow you to clearly see what's happening and where things are going wrong.

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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      To move the layer try recording the following steps on an action when the watermark is the targer layer


                      Slelect all

                      menu Select>Modify Selection>contract in the dialog enter 10 pixels. Or If contract is not an option use (option border in dialog enter 10 pixels then record menu select>Inverse)

                      menu Layer>Align Layer to Skection> Right Edges

                      menu Layer>Align Layer to Skection> Bottom Edges


                      the above steps should move the watermark/logo the the bottom right cornor.

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                        Precise Formwork Level 1

                        Thanks guys,


                        JJMack, Thank you; I'm 'selecting all' > Modify> but contract is not available; greyed-out. Only option currently available to me is 'border' .



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                          conroy Level 5

                          I can see what JJ's method will do, but I don't see where you specified that the watermark should be at bottom-right with bottom and right margins of 10 pixels. Where do you want the watermark?

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                            Precise Formwork Level 1

                            Thanks Conroy,


                            Ideally I'd like the watermark approximately 2/3 at the bottom, or maybe even 3/4.

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                              conroy Level 5


                              Right-click on a ruler and set units to percent.

                              Target the watermark layer.

                              Start recording the Action.


                              Select all (Cmd+A).

                              Layer > Align Layers to Selection > Horizontal Centers.

                              Layer > Align Layers to Selection > Bottom Edges.

                              Drag the watermark up to required position while holding down Shift to constrain movement to vertical.

                              Deselect (Cmd+D).


                              Stop recording.

                              Restore ruler units to whatever you want.


                              The Action should look like the following image:


                              Screen shot 2012-10-02 at 20.18.44.png



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                                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                Precise Formwork wrote:


                                Thanks Conroy,


                                Ideally I'd like the watermark approximately 2/3 at the bottom, or maybe even 3/4.

                                That can easily be done in an action. The impotrant thing to know is Photoshop can align layers to 9 spots in a selection. It does not matter if what is being aligned is smaller or larger then the actual selection. I align images that are larger then the selection to the center of the selected area then mask the layer with the selection to to virtualy crop the layer to the selection in collagesg like this one.http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/BatchCollage/Collage_1_4_6x4+FDNYonTopG.jpg

                                Note the shape of the center image.


                                So to do a percentage is easy but you need to be a deviate like myself. First you need to make the selection that is lets go with 75% 3/4 the canvas size centered.. A little tricky but easy record this in an action. First add a new empty layer. Then use the rectangle selection tool .In the option bar set to fixed size mode and set the width and height to 75% then click in the top left cornor of the cancas to make the selection. Then use edit fill and fill with black. This will fill a area 75%  wide and high in the empty layer added. Then do select all and the use menu Layer>Align Layers to selection>Vertical center  then Layer>Align Layers to Selection>Horizontal center. The added 75% black work layer will now be centered in the center of the canvas. Next record select the current layers tranparency Ctrl+click the current black layer in the laters palette, You now have the selection needed. The Current work layer is no longer needed so delete it. When you do the the logo layer under it becomes the current target again. Use menu Layer>Align layers to selection>bottom edges and then Later>Align Layers to selection>Right Edges. The logo's botton right boundry is now 75% to the Canvas's right and 75% down the canvas's height.


                                Note Conroy point out and importaint thing in his append.  Set the Ruler units. While you do not need to record the actual setting of the ruiler units in the actual action for that would change a users preference on then if recorded. It is very important to have the Ruler units set correctly when recording some action steps. Steps like Transform and move record setting based on the current ruler units setting. Absolute value Pixels or relative values like inches relative to documents resolution DPI or relative by a percentage of documents width and height.


                                Same images landscape images used in a collage template designed for portrait images. Note how the landscape images were resized aligned and virtually cropped


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                                  Precise Formwork Level 1

                                  Thank you guys, I now have the watermark exactly how I want it and it is thanks to you good people taking a lot of time to talk me through it.


                                  Many thanks guys!

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                                    PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                    Hi! glad it worked.

                                    Even if learning actions is a must, if you have to place watermark often, with different settings each time, it might be wise to look into Russell Brown's

                                    Adobe Watermark Panel 2.2.1: Video example: watermark_help.mov panel download: Adobe_Watermark_Installer.zip