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    flex and AS3


      i was wondering if i really need to know AS3 in order to build apps with flex. Can i simply use the build-in objects in order to create original multimedia apps? I know AS2 however.

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          injpix Level 3
          You could use mx code to build RIAs with learning none or minimal AS3.0. However it seems to be, and correct me if I am wrong anyone, that developers like to use mx code to layout their applications interface and not necessarily have it doing logical computations as that would be done by AS3.0 code.

          Here is a link related to your post:

          ..and I agree with the first two replies. And theflashblog.com link I haven’t read, yet. Post if you find it interesting.
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            ntsiii Level 3
            And the switch to AS3 is not that difficult. Tougher data typing, no more "undefined" on everything, stuff like that makes migrating an app a bit of a pain, but syntactically the differences are small.