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    Trigonometry problem- help needed big time!

      Hello, thanks for clicking. I am filling in a Flash template for a client- and the template purchased turned out to be in Spanish. I don't speak more than 2-3 words of Spanish and I'm stuck in one place. I don't think Spanish is required to solve the problem, if you're already good at trig. Can someone please help me out?

      Here is what I need to fix. The "rollaround" menu at the top of the page here-


      is not lining up correctly when the 3rd, 4th, and 5th menu buttons are clicked. Try them out and see what I mean. If this code was in english I know I would be able to crack it, but as it is I'm stumped.

      Here is the code controlling the rollaround-

      Thanks to anyone who can help clue me in on what I'm missing.