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    Exported MP4's sometimes crash during playback, just before the end.


      I experience this problem pretty often, only when playing back in Windows Media Player.


      I'll export a video to MP4 (usually AppleTV 720p, H.264).  When I play back my exported video in WMP, it'll get to the very end and crash with about 2 seconds left.  The message will be "Windows Media Player Encountered a Problem When Playing Back This File."  If I click through to web help, I'm told it's a "Windows Media Player C00D11B1" error, which looks to have something to do with sound.


      In general, the error seems to happen if I try to fade my video out to to black (Opacity 0) at the end, or have my audio run a little past the end fo the video, or things like that.  But it's not consistent. 


      Does anyone have any idea what's going on?  What might it be about the end of my project that's causing the playback to crash?