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    Flash Conversion?

      Hi All,

      I'm a business consultant who has been asked the following : My client has a Flash application that is partially developed, but they want to know if they can "convert" it to Flash/AIR or do they have to start over. The app is being developed in Flash CS3, and appears to have very little ActionScript written at this time.

      Any help would be great, I am new to the AIR concept/environment, and working hard to catch up (reading), but I wasn't sure about this.

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          san_flash Level 2

          The answer is yes and it's actually very easy to create an AIR app using the existing fla file. Is the file ActionScript 3.0 or 2.0? If it's 3.0, it's very straight forward and the only thing that you need to do is to set the Publish Settings version to Adobe AIR 1.0 and you're all set. Select Commands > AIR - Application and Installer Settings and hit the Publish AIR File button to create the AIR file.

          If the file is ActionScript 2.0, it's a little bit more tricky because if you set the version to Adobe AIR 1.0, it'll be compiled as ActionScript 3.0 and you'll get compiler error. However, the workaround is to develop the file as ActionScript 2.0 until it's ready to be turned into the AIR file. Create an AIR file (Flash fla with publish settings set to AIR), open the AIR - Application and Installer Settings) and make all the necessary settings for the AIR application, click OK to close the AIR Settings dialog. Then swap the swf with the ActionScript 2.0 swf (change the swf name to match the AIR fla swf), select Commands > Create AIR File.