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    Same ipa-file as a universal app?


      How do I make the ipa-file work as a universal app, i e the same app but it works differently on iphone and ipad?


      Can I write something in the as-code that will be used by AIR? I've just upgraded to cs6.


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can use the screensize and/or screenresolution to make inferences about the device.

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            Botilada Level 1

            Maybe my English is not so good but I guess you mean that I can get information about the current device's screenresolution and make the app adapt accordingly? If so, that might be useful but not really my question.


            I have managed to create one UI for the iPhone and another for the iPad in AS3 with CONFIG::-code. So I can create two diffrent swf-files and then of course create two different ipa's. But if I want to create a "universal" app (Apples term for one ipa that works differently on iPhone and iPad) I need something more to make the two UI's end up in the same ipa. Something that makes the device interpret the CONFIG-code (maybe then in some other form) and display the app depending on the device. What could that be?