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    Able to connect to site but not publish or edit content.

      We have recently installed Contribute for a user within our network so they can manage their external website. Users connect through an ISA server for web browsing but not usually FTP. I have tried 2 strategies to enable connectivity to the external site and had limited success:

      Without the Microsoft ISA firewall client I have been unable to establish any FTP connection to the site or any other external FTP site.

      Using the Microsoft ISA firewall client I have been able to connect to the site and using an FTP client (Dreamweaver, CuteFTP) download and upload content to the site. When using Contribute I can connect to the site but if I try and publish a page or edit an existing page the operation times out trying to connect to the server.

      To my understanding the firewall client is required for authentication to the external site. Is anyone aware why I would have full FTP access to the site yet not be able to carry out publishing with Contribute? Are there any special ports or configuration settings in Contribute which need to be allowed?

      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.