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    Clipping paths and coloring text

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      So I'm putting a brochure together in InDesign and I'm trying to create an effect that I believe could be done easily with a clipping mask as I understand them to work in Illustrator. But this is not working like I hoped. The basic idea is that I'm taking a text box and wanting to create a mask around a specific section of the text so that it cuts through different characters. However, the text box will retains its properties and the text is fitted to the new box. How can I create a mask that doesn't change the shape?


      Specifically what I'm trying to do is have an unusual portion of text a different color to fit with the color scheme of the background. Right now the text and background have the same color a certain area and I want to have that areas text a different color. It cuts through the characters at odd angles so I can't gerry-rig something. Perhaps theres a better way than a clipping path?

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          I've retitled and branched your question into a new discussion in hopes it will get more response.


          My own two cents is that I don't think clipping paths are an option for this in ID (and I don't have a clear picture in my mind of how to use them to do this in Illustrator, either).


          Instead I think you'll need to use a shape object of some sort stacked either above or below the text frame in combination with a blending mode in the Effects panel. Since we don't know the colors involved I'm not sure if anyone can tell you if the combination you are trying to acheive is possible. My use of blending modes is very limited, so I don't have more concrete advice, but we do have regualrs here who use them all the time, and hopefully they'll chime in.

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            Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 9.22.24 AM.png

            Here is what I'm trying to acheive. I can do it in Illustrator but I need InDesign to make this brochure. The color scheme is generally the same. I'm trying to use specific colors aswell. I'm not sure how to get exact CMYK values with blending modes. Also the blending would have to only effect the text and not the background color. It was something I tried but couldn't get the result I was going for. Now I realized I had wrong terminology and this might help clarify. I made a clipping mask in Il which masks out an area. I think think in ID it's a clipping path which creates a new path (causing the text to fit to the path) around the text. Hopefully this sheds more light on my conundrum and perhaps someone knows a way?

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              couple of minutes playing in ID... isn't it what you want? And sorry for colors 

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                Well thats the idea, how did you get that result?

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                  in fact, there's 3 identical text frames, pasted into 3 triangles, respectively. Sure, you must keep exactly the same position of text when pasting. Than you can color each as you wish.

                  Pros: simple, fast and dirty, no sophisticated tricks with clipping paths or blending modes. Easy to control your colors.

                  Cons: text blocks are three.. You might not like it if you need edit it later, but maybe that's not a big deal.

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                    Interesting approach but given the rest of the layout that would make it difficult to go back and edit without having to change everything. There are a lot of elements in other areas that would be affected by the colored shapes. For now I simplly went to illustrator but that lacks ease of editability aswell.


                    Is this just something InDesign doesn't do? Seems like they've thought of everything and I can't be the first person to have run into this situation.

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                      Frolnocx wrote:


                      Is this just something InDesign doesn't do?

                      I'd say: yes. You can do some interesting things with text using fills, blending modes, transparency etc., but that's not your story. Every trick I know concerning this has it's own limitations/drawbacks, and these are not the biggest...

                      However, I'd be glad to be wrong

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                        Thanks for the effort. I always create creative text (ie logos, banner, static text) outside if InDesign, but I was hoping a simple solution. Thanks though.