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    Signle Signon

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      I'm trying to implement Single Signon for ColdFusion, Flex and AIR on our company Intranet. User might start up several applications based on any of the three technologies. I would like to have them logon just once instead of for every application. If this were just ColdFusion and Flex on the web server, I can use the CGI.Auth_User to get the person's login and check their permissions. But when they are running Flex applications on their PC or in an AIR wrapper, the Auth_User always returns a blank.
      I need to use a Session variable that all three can get to. Are there any examples around?
      Thanks for your help
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          Sorry, I meant Single Signon.

          Also, the reason we wanted to use AIR was some of the time the client will be disconnected, so there won't be a server to ask about the session variables. Is there a way to ask the OS (windows XP) for the name of the person who is logged on? Or will this violate the security sandbox? I just want to get the windows environmental variable %USERNAME%. If not, I'll have to figure out how to use the Smart Card reader API.

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            Hemen Kapadia
            hi emerys,

            I am trying something similar to what you are trying to do. However i am not worried about running my application in AIR.

            I just want the flex application should detect my windows login. To do this I am running Coldfusion 8 with IIS as the webserver. the default site for iis is configured to get Windows credentials.

            I cant figure out how to pass them to the flex app. can you help me?

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              It sounds like we have a very similar setup.

              I created a cfc with the following contents:
              <cffunction name="GetUsername" access="remote" returnType="string">
              <cfreturn #cgi.auth_user#>

              Short and sweet. The works great if you are running the Flex from the server, but it runs into trouble if you run it from your PC or the Flex Builder. I'm not sure why.

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                Hi emerys,

                Thanks for your input. I did manage to get it working.

                I am not sure what you mean by "run it from PC or the FLEX builder". I tried running the flex app from flex builder and it runs fine. It did display my login id.

                Thanks and Regards,
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                  and i could even get my login id when i simply run the SWF in a standalone flash player from my pc HDD