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    5.1 workflow in PP cs6?

    TheCoroner9 Level 1

      I'm working on my first CS6 project that will also have 5.1 surround (another first).

      I can't find any tutorials on this so I'm looking for some direction here.

      What's the proper workflow for creating 5.1 surround for a project?


      On my PP CS6 timeline - I have my audio tracks with audio clips.  Then I also have a Master 5.1 track.

      No audio clips can be placed in the Master 5.1 track.


      I'm assuming once I finish editing my project with audio. I send it to audition where I mix the tracks down to

      the Master 5.1 track.. Then send the Master 5.1 track back to my Premiere pro timeline.


      Once there - Delete the other audio clips so I only have the Master 5.1 track?


      Thanks in advance.