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    Tabs and indents

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          ceilr Level 1

          My Tab bar has become exceedingly long, and I do not know how it happened, or how to restore it to a shorter box.  I stopped trying to find the right end of the bar when it got in excess of 52,000 (yes) picas.  It's too unwieldly to work with, and too small to see where the tabs are that I've already put in.  I was work typing on a (circular) path when this happened, if that's any help.


          Thank you.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I'd try resetting your preferences (Replace Your Preferences), though I'm not confident it will reset the tabs panel.


            Have you closed  the panel fromt he window menu and reopened it to see if it will reset? I would try open it with an active cursor in a text frame when you can see the full width of the frame onthe screen, and also have some clear space above the frame where the panel can fit if will snap to the column.

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              ceilr Level 1

              Hi Peter, thanks for responding so quickly.




              Replace Your Preferences sounds confusing and scary.  I don’t think I can do that alone.




              I opened the Window menu in an ID doc and don’t see Tab in either the menu or sub-menus to be able to close and reopen it.  What am I looking for?  I have CS5.




              Thank you.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Sorry about that. Tabs seems to be living under the Type menu...


                Using the keyboard shortcut method for replacing prefs is actually very easy, but you don't back up any customizations. If you don't have things like Print or Document presets, that's not a big deal, youjust have to go pack the the Prefs dialog and reset waht you need to change to suit your work habits again.

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                  ceilr Level 1

                  Well, here is an interesting wrinkle: It seems the problem cropped up just as my house guest’s computer was signed on to my network.  Could that have anything to do with it?  Mine is the only one in the house.  Anyway, the problem seemed to have righted itself, and the TAB panel/strip/whatever-it’s-called is short now.  (I’m knocking on wood!)




                  Thanks, Peter, I really appreciate your help!

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                    ceilr Level 1

                    OK, now I know what happened with the TAB bar, because it just happened again.




                    I had typed some text on a semi-circular path, and just now made a TAB adjustment on the path.  The TAB bar showed the beginning of the ruler and the TAB marks already set.  But when I typed in just one TAB adjustment (there are 4 on the path) and then pressed the TAB key to re-set it, the TAB bar expanded all the way across the screen and off the right side!  The first number to the left of the TAB bar is 1458, and from there the numbers decrease in 6s.  (I’m assuming I’m looking at inches, but I can’t tell.  My doc, however, is set up for picas.  Or are these points?)  A mouse-over on the bar brings the small hand up, but I cannot drag the bar in either direction to see other numbers or get the ruler back to where my TAB settings are.




                    I closed the TAB tool, but when I open it again in a normal text box, I get the same long TAB bar with all the big numbers.  Sigh……




                    I’ve decided it would be much easier to back out of the TAB marks and just use the space bar.  But in truth, that is rather clunky.




                    How do I restore the TAB bar to a smaller size, AND so that it shows the TAB marks I set?




                    Thank you.

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                      Lance in China

                      How to set indent as an exact number of characters / spaces? If the indent is set as a measurement, the proportion of indent will change if the font size is changed. Better to have the indent set for, say five characters. Then it doesn't change proportion if the font size is changed.

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                        ceilr Level 1

                        Heavens, I'd forgotten all about this, it was so long ago.  I finally called Adobe, forked over $35 or whatever it was to, as Peter said, reset the Preferences.  It's been fine ever since.  I took lots of notes so that if it ever happens again, I can reset them myself.


                        However, thirdrockphoto, did you mean to say, "If the indent is set as a measurement, the proportion of indent will NOT change if the font size is changed.  I'm intrigued by this, but it doesn't quite make sense, even though it has nothing to do with the problem I was having.  >Where< would I set an indent for a certain number of characters?