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    parent troubles


      im making a hologram like effect and i don't want to parent the z rotation of a layer but i want to keep all of the others. is there any way to not parent a certain property of a layer?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Just pick whip the values that you want to copy. If you need reverse rotation then add a - in front of the expression created by the pickwhip.


          Some more details about your project would be helpful. What are you trying to parent to? What does the shot look like? Do you need to lock in the position, scale, and rotation in everything except z rotation or are you dealing with rotation only.


          Screenshots are helpful and easy. Just click the camera button above to add a full size screen print of your project.

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            JamesMarx Level 1

            ae help.pngthis is my image and im trying to get ehte four images to ratate. ive got a circle that i use to animate the rotation and then all of the 4 pictures are parented to that circle(not the green one the one im talking about is trasparent right now). all of the images rotate well, but i want them to stay facing the camera rather thean rotating in 3d space(if you know what i mean) but by parenting them to the circle they rotate on all 3 axies wich i dont want. i dont know if it is the z rotation i dont want but i know its one of them. I dont know how to pickwhip individual properties of a layer. Thank you for replying and i would be really helpful to do so again. let me know if you need anymore info on the project

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              JamesMarx Level 1

              i just dont want one of the axies parented

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Select your photos and choose Layer>Transform>Auto Orient>Orient Towards Camera. (Alt/Option + Cmnd/Ctrl + o)


                This will square all photos up to the focal point of the camera.


                If you want to maintain the layers paralel to the film plane (square to the environment) then turn Auto Orient off and add this expression to the Y rotation of each layer assuming you are using Null 1 as the parent.



                -thisComp.layer("Null 1").transform.yRotation


                There are other options. You can set up an expression so that the layers always stay vertical in relation to the camera with auto orient on by adding this expression to Y (courtesy of Dan Ebberts Expression Lab)


                delta = toWorld(anchorPoint) - thisComp.activeCamera.toWorld([0,0,0]);


                There are also more options but these should get you started.

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                  JamesMarx Level 1

                  Thank you so much the auto orient worked (just had to make some adjustments

                  to the images but now I should be able to do the effect I wanted to!  Do

                  you have any tips to learning after effects?  I'm getting there but

                  anything would be really helpful.

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                    JamesMarx Level 1

                    also for the shot i want to do i have a holagram displaying pictures, it was filmed from a different angle than i was looking. so i want the camera in after effects to be where im looking so the pictures are facing me , but i dont want to be looking through that camera i want the shot to be seen from the original angle

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP


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                        JamesMarx Level 1

                        diagram.pngsorry about the mess i did it quickly. so the blue beam is where the holograhm is going to be, the yellow things are the pictures and they are facing me (direction of green arrow). so to do this i would put a camera in the scene and line it up with where my perspective would be so the pictures are facing me. but how do i keep the original angle of the shot for the final product while still having the camera so the pictures face the right way?

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Turn off auto orient. Modify the first expression to this:


                          - this.Comp.layer("Null 1").yRotation + 45


                          Just add or subtract the number of degrees you need to get the angle you want.


                          This post mangled by my thumbs on my phone.

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                            JamesMarx Level 1

                            ok thank you. im not making it rotate any more but in the future i will attempt a rotating one. thank you for all of your help

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                              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Glad I could help. If your question is answered please mark it so to help others find the solution.