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    Question about how "Premiere" renders sequences

    ACT.onn Level 1

      Hello All


      I have a quick question. I have a timeline in which I placed a transparent video with a timecode effect on it for the purpose of lining up stuff. I have turned of the visibility of it but I am wondering if I should remove it before I render to improve render times. Will Premiere bother with it or will it have to calculate it being there as an object to "render" as invisible?


      This may seem really dumb to ask but I am trying to learn how to be as efficient as possible in my workflow and if Premiere doesn't care that it is there because it is turned off then I would be inclined to leave it incase I have need of it again, but if it would speed up the render of my project then I would take it out before my final build of the DVD I intend to publish.


      Any thoughts?