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    Online Videos turning green and going in fastforward.


      All videos randomly go green and then fastforward to the end while making a weird crackling noise.

      Steps I have already tried. I have turned off video acceleration,used different browser, updated video drivers and reinstalled adobe all to no avail. The most recent thing I have done is install an older version of adobe. This seems to get rid of the green screen problem  it however creates its own problem and videos randomly get stuck.

      I usually can find help with most problems through google but I can't find any good assistance with this one so any help would be much appreciated.

      Thanks for the time,




      I don't know how I should put my system info on here but im running windows 7 64 bit, AMD Radeon hd 6800 series video card and I can't say what else is important to note ( although im sure there is alot of things)

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