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    What should I do?

    Johnny Castro43rd

      Hey,  So im shooting a music video in 1080p at 24fps. And I took some 60fps shots for slow motion witch can only be in 720hd on Canon t4i. So how should I put this together? Do i have downgrade my 1080 footage for this to work?

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          That is for you to judge, but yes, probably.


          The smallest frame size is the weakest link in the chain.


          Or, use Picture in Picture for the smaller frame within the larger frame to keep from exceeding 100% of the frame size. A little imagination might go a long way. It is impossible to know without seeing all of the footage. Maybe put a frame around it, tilt it a little, something, anything, to distract the viewer from the fact that the slow motion video is smaller than the rest,

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            al_bergstein Level 1

            WHat about exporting it to mxf at propr size and importing that?

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              josephs51576386 Level 3

              In some cases you can upres 720p content to 1080 without making the picutre look terrible. It really varies from scenario to scenario. I know when using BMD cards you can easily upscale 720p content to 1080 without ever knowning any upscaling took place. The content ends up looking just as good as real 1080 content. Like Steven already said the answer to this specific question can vary from scenario to scenario. Although generally I'd recommend just downscaling all your 1080 content.


              Because it's always easier to downscale rather than upscale footage without causing quality content issues.


              If you really want your finished product to be 1080 though, I'd recommend just trying to use AME to upconvert the material and then you can judge the results yourself. If you aren't happy with the result of this then go ahead and just downscale all your 1080 footage and edit everything in a 1080p sequence/timeline.


              If you decide to upscale the content just make sure to use a codec like DNxHD, Lagarith, Cineform or UT. DNxHD and Cineform are both visually lossless and Lag and UT are lossless. This way you won't lose quality when attempting the upscale.

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