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    $_POST  textArea component font size

    sbryner Level 1
      I have not seen anything on this, could someone help me out.

      I have textArea component (and even tried a dynamic and input text field) that I input text into and
      $_POST to a php file that sends the variables to me in email. Simple enough, right.

      Ok, well when I send to the PHP and have it "echo" to the stage it's HUGE also in my email it's big.
      my other INPUT components that I have set up for name and such are the right size.

      I have a feeling it's nothing to do with the PHP but with the varible info. being sent to it
      using the textArea component. Does anybody know what's going on?

      Oh, the dynamic and input text fields (not components) that I use don't even $_POST.

      Thanks for any help.