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    Bulk autofit

    arjun2 Level 1

      Hi I have 3 questions about autofit feature

      1. How can I create a shortcut for it?
      2. How can I select objects[images], on all pages. And set them to autofit.
      3. How can I set option so that the autofit option is checked ON by default? [it’s off by default]
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          Jump_Over Level 5


          Notice "Default graphic box" in "object styles" panel.

          Is that possible, that all yours graphic boxes are connected to this style?

          Or, maybe your imageboxes use some defined objectStyle already?

          If yes, you can set autofill here to change it everywhere.

               Create shortcut and set this property as default is also possible in style definition.

          If not, you have to find the way to select all mentioned boxes first.

               If they are on specific layer you can try to select them using layer panel. You can use a script also to do it in many other smart ways.


          For the future: if you'd use object styles, many format jobs would be easier.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Unfortunately the default graphics frame settings have no effect when drawing a grahics frame (using the frame tools with the X in them) or when placing graphic content without an exisiting frame so that the frame is drawn on the fly.


            Since CS4, though, you can use an undocumented feature to create a style that WILL be applied (even if not set as the default) when placing and drawing the frame on the fly. Create an Object style named "Place Gun Frame" (without the quotes) and add what you want to that style, but keep in mind that ID already scales the content and draws the frame proportionally to the image when you drag the frame while placing, so this probably is not the answer to your problem. Thanks for telling me about this trick, I believe, go to Sandee Cohen.


            If you aren't worried about stroke or fill, you can set the autofit as the default by going to Frame Fitting Options with nothing selected, with nothing open it should affect all new files. I think this was not working properly in CS6 inthe initial release, but it appears to be OK in the 8.0.1 patch released this week.

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              arjun2 Level 1

              thank you peter sir

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                rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                How can I select objects[images], on all pages. And set them to autofit.

                If you are using OSX this script would fit everything to fill proportionally


                tell application "Adobe InDesign CS6"

                    tell active document

                        repeat with x from 1 to count links

                            set theImage to parent of item x of links

                            set theFrame to parent of theImage

                            fit theFrame given fill proportionally

                        end repeat

                    end tell

                end tell