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    Color Space Issues and Using a Commercial HDTV as an External Monitor

    Jay Saan

      I have been editing a lot of DSLR footage lately and have come across the issue of color profiles but am having a hard time finding any concrete, reliable literature in regard to Premiere Pro. On my 60D, there is no option to set the colorspace, so is the footage natively sRGB or Adobe RGB, or is it completely irrelevant to video editing since Adobe Premiere is not a color-managed colorspace (and hence an external monitor plus the vectorscope is the only sure-fire way to check colors)?


      I heard that a calibrated monitor by itself is supposed to be okay for video published on the web, which I do a lot of. If that's the case, my Windows is using a default sRGB profile but my monitor (HP w2207) is set to 6500k instead of sRGB! So should I set my monitor to sRGB and re-calibrate, and does this mean that my recent videos have been off-color without my knowledge? This assumes that the DSLR footage is sRGB.


      In good news, I have an unused Samsung LCD TV lying around that I've thought about using as an external monitor. Is this possible without having to buy a separate card? My video card (GTX 560Ti) has 2 DVI inputs and 1 HDMI. In the end, I would like a setup where I can edit through my existing monitor and check/view previews through the TV and thus resolve the issue of color correcting for both online and broadcast standards. Any links to guides or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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          shooternz Level 6

          Why dont you connect it up and see if it works?



          Does the TV have DVI input?


          THat would be my preference as connection if you are using a single monitor for the Premiere GUI (Workspace)

          Select the TV as  the second monitor for full screen out put of thePremiere  Program Monitor.


          Is TV..true 1080p ? If not you will be looking at scaled images.


          Note: TVs are not Broadcast quality monitors so approach with caution for BC purposes.

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            Jay Saan Level 1

            Unfortunately, the TV (Samsung LN32B360) only supports up to 720p and has one VGA and two HDMI inputs, no DVI input. I successfully connected it via a vga-dvi adapter to my PC. However, since this connection is limited to a max resolution of 1360 x 768, would I be better off using an HDMI cable even with the down-scaling? Either way, I'm more interested in using the TV for BC purposes.


            I remember back in school that all the Mac Pros had these small, dinky-looking CRT's connected to a DV deck that previewed footage in FCP but were not mere extensions of the desktop when not in use. Is this kind of setup possible without a separate video card or dv deck? I remember using these monitors solely for checking colors before exporting a project to DVD. I'm making this distinction because the TV right now is functioning more like an extension of the PC monitor than a dedicated monitor, and thus I would think that calibrating the TV would be just as inaccurate for BC as calibrating the PC monitor. Or am I confusing myself because Premiere Pro has a "disable video output when in background" option that FCP might not have had back in 2008? (So those CRT's were not factory-made to CC out of the box after all!) I'm still new to the technical side of color spaces and calibrating for PC/broadcast, but definitely interested in learning more!