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    Problems with blurred images


      Whenever I add text to an image it is fine (sharp) until I press DONE at which point it becomes pixelated and blurry. When I then export the image to my camera roll it remains blurry (in fact the entire picture seems to be slightly out of focus).


      The same thing happens when I import an image to place over an image/canvas I am working on. The image I am importing is crystal clear until I click DONE at which point it becomes blurred and pixelated (again, same when exported).


      This is for Adobe Touch on an ipad3. I'm a complete newbie to photoshop so excuse the ignorance but what am I missing?




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          Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

          Hi Neil,


          There isn't anything wrong with your iPad or Photoshop. This is the way that the text tool works.


          The fonts in Photoshop will look crystal clear when you are editing them, but as soon as you finish making changes to them, the text will pixelate and becocome part of the image. If the image is high-resolution, then this will look fine, but if your image is low-resolution then it might not look so pretty.


          I imagine that your image's resulotion is just too low. Next time you create an image, try creating it with a bigger resolution:




          For reference this is an image that has a higher resolution:




          And this one is lower: