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    CS6 Three-Way CC not importing setting from CS5.5 Timelines or from Saved Presets from CS.5.5

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      I had created two presets for the CS5.5 Three Way Color Corrector that I use in almost every project for dealing with sun shadows and hightlights on talents's skin and they no longer work in CS6.  I've tried loading the old project/timeline/sequence into Premiere CS6 but the TWCC just acts like it is at default settings. No changes to the video at all. 


      I also had saved my two TWCC settings as presets (from CS5.5) to the hard drive to I would not loose them.  I tried reloading those presets into CS6 but same problem.. they do nothing now.   I guess no one checked to see that the new CS6 TWCC was backwards compatible with CS5.5.   Major problem when loading / converting cs5.5 timelines to update client's projects.   Adobe, please take a look at this and fix as soon as you can.  Thanks!  Wayland


      Version info:

      CS6 Cloud (last update as of friday Sept. 28, 2012)

      CS5.5 Master Collection (previous version - now uninstalled)

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit