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    Chroma bleeding Premiere Pro CS6

    Martins Svanbergs

      When I edit interlaced video in Premiere Pro CS6 I get chroma bleeding. It seems that the chrominance information is always taken from the other field. I tested the same video with Premier Pro CS5.5 and this problem was not present there.

      Premiere Pro CS6 version 6.0.3 and Premiere Pro CS5.5 version 5.5.2 was used.

      The footage was taken with Sony HVR-Z1E camera.

      The first row of images are from Premiere Pro CS6 that exhibit chroma bleeding. The second row are the same images but from Premiere Pro CS5.5 that does not exhibit chroma bleeding. The third row are crops of the 1st and 3rd images.


      I believe that this is a software bug and hope that it wil be fixed. But I would also apriciate a workaround from someone who expierences the same problem.

      Chroma bleed 1st field.jpgChroma bleed 2nd field.jpg

      No chroma bleed 1st field.jpgNo chroma bleed 2nd field.jpg

      Chroma bleed 1st field crop.jpgNo chroma bleed 1st field crop.jpg