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    RM : access to this document is restricted by remote server ip address

    WASEEM Hamdan

      Help Please .......................................


      i am trying to open secured pdf by adobe rights management over ipad/iphone, i am getting an error message "access to this document is restricted by remote server"



      error when open pdf from ipad.jpg

      where i have done the below;


      P.S : i have created SSL using Server ip address.



      1- i am able to access pdf from different LAPTOP or PC.

      pdf from pc.jpg

      2- i am using adobe reader 10.3 mobile on IPAD/IPHONE.

      3-i have installed SSL certificate using iPhoneConfigUtility.

      cert on ipad.jpg

      SSL on ipad.jpg

      4- SSL is trusted over IPAD.

      trusted ssl on ipad.jpg

      5- i can access on safari over ipad/iphone. and i am able to login

      https on ipad.jpg


      Please Advise ;


      Mohammad Marei

      Senior Consultant