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    Premiere Pro CS6 crashes at end of H.264 export


      Hello Adobe experts,


      I'm have a consistent issue with Premiere Pro CS6 on the Mac when I export hour+ 1080p sequences to an H.264 file with certain parameters. I have timelines that are longer than an hour which need to be rendered with specific H.264 specs that my client needs. If I render just a few minutes at these specs, the H.264 MP4 file renders just fine. But when I let the full hour+ render out, it always crashes Premiere Pro at the very end, and the H.264 is never created. If I change the parameters of the H.264 file, it exports fine, but unfortunately my client needs the file to match these specific specs. I'm on OS X 10.7.5 and Premiere Pro CS6 6.0.2. Here are the H.264 specs I'm trying to export:


      Format: H.264

      480x270 pixels

      29.97 fps

      Progressive field order

      Square pixels

      Profile: Main

      Level: 2.1

      Video bitrate: 0.4 Mbps CBR

      AAC Audio codec

      48000 Hz sample rate

      Stereo channels

      High audio quality

      Audio bitrate: 128 kbps


      I really need a solution to this problem, as I just upgraded to CS6 and am having this problem. I've exported to this spec dozens of times with PP CS5 with no problem, but CS6 has some issue with these settings. My work around (exporting to a ProRes file from PP CS6 and then importing into FCP 7 and exporting to the above H.264 specs from FCP) takes way too long for these multiple-hour HD sources. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!




      P.S. Here's the crash report


      [Please do not post those in the forum.  Most of us are just users.  If an Adobe engineer needs the info, it can be sent separately.]