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    Shaking after time stretch


      I've just tried out the new Premier Elements 11.  Love the new format and once I found my way around, I really like the flow much better than 10.

      I made sure I had my project for 11 set up like 10, and the settings on my Sony HCR-CX260V are exactly the same.  When I apply the time stretch (above 100%) and render, the edited result in 11 is severe shakiness.  When I used the same footage and applied the exact same % of time stretch in 10, the result was as smooth as can be.  I use time stretch in almost every video I create so I really hope there is a fix for this (or you can tell me what I'm doing wrong in 11 that has changed from 10) as the flow in 11 is better.  Thanks so much



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried using Time Remapping instead?


          Are you seeing the shakiness even after you render the file?


          Can you post a sample of this shakiness and link to it so that we can see what you're talking about? "Shakiness" could mean anything from frame rate stutter to a need for stabilization to an exaggeration of hand-held camera movements. We can't say for sure without looking at it.