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    InDesign CS6 Link opens as Read Only - can't edit and save

    dv8kiwi Level 1

      I have an a nested ID document in another document and whenever I try to edit it from the parent document it only opens as read-only. So if I try to save it I get:


      "Cannot save the document. It may be opened by other applications. Close applications and try again. You may also use save as to save it into a new document."


      If I try and open the nested file separately after that it will also open as read only and return the same error when I try to save. Even when I close all other CS6 documents first. I need to close Indesign and restart in order to open the file and save normally.


      It appears to be locked by ID, but the file properties in explorer show read-only as unchecked. But it is locked in the system too because I can't open from explorer.


      I have tried exporting the parent and child indd files to idml and then saved them as new indd files and relinked them but they still do the same behaviour in ID.


      It is very frustrating because I cannot edit the original from ID, and if I accidently do, ID breaks the file (being locked, read-only and unsaveable) so I need to save it as something different, quit ID, rename it, and start again.


      Windows 7 x64 Indesign CS6