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    Camera RAW: NEF -> JPG color dessaster




      I use PS CS4 on my Mac. Normally I use Camera RAW to convert my D90 NEF-files to JPG-files without using Photoshop.


      In Camera RAW look all colors great. When I convert the 12Bit-Raw-files to 8Bit-JPG's all colors look sad and gray.


      Where is my mistake??


      In the export-dialog it's not important if i set 16-bit export or 8-bit export - the colors look like crap!


      The only workarround i found is to rise the saturation and dynamic for 15-25 points. Is there no better way?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are saving to JPG directly out of Camera RAW and not enhancing further in Photoshop then you should probably save as sRGB, especially if you are putting the JPGs out for people to see on the internet. 


          What could be happening is that you’re saving as ProPhotoRGB or AdobeRGB but the viewer you’re using to verify the colors is not doing color-management properly so it is interpreting the colors as if the JPG was sRGB even though it’s not.


          If you are going to be editing in Photoshop then keep the colorspace in ACR as 16-bit ProPhotoRGB and do the conversion to 8-bits and sRGB in PS just before saving as JPG.