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    Premiere Pro CS5/5.5 project back up


      Hey there guys!


      I'm currently working on Premiere Pro for an animation series at my workplace. We're trying to move our working projects from an external hard-drive into a new internal hard-drive that we just installed in.


      The problem that we have now is that even if we copy everything exactly the same from the external, Premiere Pro will ask us to re-link all our assets back that's in the library. Our "Project Settings" Scratch Disk had been set as "Same as Project" to ensure everything is saved in the same directory but still, it will ask us to relink everything again once we copy our files to the new drive. Hence, this will consume more time for us to re-link each and every single asset in a project.


      My question is, how do we ensure the copied working files to automatically re-link all the assets from the new directory NOT the from the original destination?

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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          PP will not necessarily ask you to re-link every file.  It will prompt you for the location of the 1st file it cannot locate.  Once you direct it to the correct folder, it will link every other file required that is also in that folder.


          Take the external drive offline when you do this.  Once saved, put it back online.  

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            danimonkey90 Level 1

            I did that earlier on but it still ask me to re-link all of my assets, each one of them. The reason of us doing the copy is to transfer the working drive to the internal one rather than working from the external one. Any idea why's that so?

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              Jon-M-Spear Level 4

              Not sure - that's not my experience on a PC. 


              I'm also fairly sure that, if the entire directory structure is copied from one location to another unchanged, that, once you direct it to the first missing file, it will rediscover every file in project without drilling down to folder level.


              Try setting the scratch disk to another location altogether during this stage - just in case you're confusing the issue by directing it back to the old location.

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                danimonkey90 Level 1

                So this is basically what I did


                1. I copied all the folders exactly the way it is from the external to the internal drive

                2. I unplugged the external drive and launch a project from the internal drive

                3. It seems that it found and re-link all the assets by itself and I don't need to relink it again


                The only difference this time is that I'm transfering the production file which contains the PP Project, it's preview folders and all it assets according to the episodes it belongs to ie. one by one. So far it's working well. Keep in mind that I have the original external drive unplugged when I open it from the internal drive.


                Do you think it's because of the render preview files that PP needs to have? Because when I open this time, I need to re-render the previews in the internal hard-drive.

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                  Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                  You will usually need to re-render the preview files - but only the once.


                  Provided the relationship between the project file and its assets is unchanged. that should be all you need to do once you've saved the project.  PP will have a new set of relationships on your internal drive, so you can re-connect the external (and use it as a scratch disk, perhaps!!) without affecting the project.