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    How do you select individual items from within a group?


      Hi, All.


      New poster. Forgive me if I miss any forum etiquette.


      Currently using Indesing CS6 on Mac Osx 10.7.4


      I'm a relatively recent convert to Indesign from Quark, and one thing I seem to have continual problems with is selecting individual items from within a group.


      For example I will have a grouped item, such as price marker that is comprised of several individual items, some text boxes, some rectangles.

      I find there is no way to select a rectangle that is currently placed behind a transparent text box without ungrouping the entire item - which isn't really an option.


      The select options (slect next item below etc. just don't work)


      For any Quark users out there, the equivalent command I'm looking for is the cmd+opt+shift click through, which just worked absolutely perfectly.


      I have scoured the internet and forums looking for an answer for this, as I assumed it must be my own lack of knowledge, but I can't find an answer.


      Any help much appreciated.