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    Word Effects


      Does anyone know how I can achieve this type of effect with words?  i want  to have it look like a river or wave is going thru the word.


      Much thanks




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          groove25 Level 4

          The white "swashes" could be created as vector objects with a white fill, placed above the words (in the stacking order). The central blue element could be created by a similar but larger vector object, applied with a blend mode. Or you could take the same vector object and apply it as a mask to a copy of the original words (with a blue fill).


          You could also take the white swashes and "cut" the text beneath. First, you'd select the type and choose Text > Convert to Paths and then ungroup the result using Modify > Ungroup. Then you'd select the converted text (now composite paths) and the swash vector shapes together and choose Modify > Combine Paths > Punch.

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            Linda Nicholls Level 4

            Find an image of a wave you like and paste it inside the text. That's a lot easier than drawing swashes. :-)