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    PPro CS6 - Video Duration Columns Not Updated

    lmenningen Level 1

      I often have several sequences onto which I've placed multi tracks, and after manually syncing the tracks into alignment and trimming both ends, the Work Area Bar duration is correct and the end point shown in the Program Panel is correct. However, over in the Project Panel where I've tailored which columns are included, the Video Duration is shown as 23;00;00;02 and the Video Out Point is shown as 23;00;00;01.


      This interferes with nesting the Multi-Track Sequence into another sequence in order to do the Multi-Camera process. The only work-around I've been able to devise so far is to drag a defective target sequence into the Source Monitor panel, position the time marker to the endpoint, then click the Mark Out button. This will update the Video Duration correctly, but this is tedious to do so frequently. This has been going on for months.


      I'm creating new projects from "template" projects (the same "work flow" I've used in  prior versions). Over in the "Template Project" the Video Duration and Video Out Points are indeed 23;00;00;02/1 which I've assumed are correct because these sequences are empty at this time. The update is at Version 6.0.3


      Is there a faster way to get the Video Duration and/or Video Out Point to be correct?