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    upgrade to Flex 3

      I have purchase a copy of Flex 2 from a friend. I have the beta 3 on my system. Can I get the upgrade from Adobe for $99. Will it install OK? And How?

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          I have the trial of FlexBuilder 3. It installed ok and seems to be running fine. I have not had any trouble with any Flex 2 applications running in the Flex 3 environment. You can specifiy which compiler to use on your application, so I think you would be safe to move ahead.

          I think you can go to this area to find out more. I do believe you can get the upgrade for $99.00.

          Hope this helps.

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            I work for a non-profit research center at the University of Maryland. We've developed a site using the Flex 3 trial and ILOG Elixir trial, and have been waiting for months for the educational versions to be released so we could purchase them, get rid of the watermarks, and finally release our new website which has been finished for 3 months now.

            Not being able to get a straight answer out of Adobe about when the educational versions will be released, we bit the bullet last week and purchased the educational version of Flex Builder 2, Flex Builder 3 Pro Upgrade at full price, and ILOG Elixir at full price. Today I fired up the trial copy of Flex 3 we've been using, and entered our serial numbers. It accepted our Flex 3 Pro Upgrade serial number, and then asked for our Flex 2 serial. Entering our Flex 2 Educational version serial however gets this response: "Th Flex 2 serial number entered is not upgradable."

            I think its criminal as it is that an educational non-profit was forced to pay full price for the Flex 3 and ILOG Elixir simply because no one set up the educational pricing structure yet...3 full months after the commercial release. We tried to offset the expense a bit by purchasing the less expensive Flex 2 Edu version and the Flex 3 Pro upgrade instead of simply purchasing standalone Flex 3 Pro, and now its telling us we can't do this?

            We have very limited funds and this is stretching us as it is. $700 for Flex 3 + $800 for ILOG Elixir is simply unaffordable for us. This whole experience has already been an exercise in patience, and I'm contemplating just sending everything back and eliminating the Flash/Flex stuff on our site altogether.

            Any help or advice here would be very much appreciated.
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              wow, that really sucks :( Not sure how many people can help you here. I've yet to see a Adobe moderator/representative post on the site. Maybe because i haven't looked hard enough, but i dunno. So i'm not sure if you will get the help you are looking for your question.
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                Michael Borbor Level 4
                chrisloos77 have you visited
                http://flexregistration.com/ ?
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                  chrisloos77 Level 1
                  Thank you for your quick replies. Just checked flexregistration.com. I can't believe that we waited since February for the education edition of Flex 3 Pro, and meanwhile its available to students for free.

                  Has flexregistration.com been up for long? I feel stupid!