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    Premiere cs6 Import AVI issue


      Trying to import a 2hr AVI file, Premiere cs6 only imports the fiorst 2 mins of the file, Premiere Elements 10 imports it all, and Premiere Cs3 (on another machine) imports it fine.

      G-Spot reports the following:


      Note: 18.5 GB unneeded bytes at end of file

      Compatibility Note: DV Type 1 AVI

      Multipart OpenDML AVI (5 parts)

      (175418 frames in first part, 0 frames follow)


      It also does the same for all other AVI files I recorded from a Webcast using Vmix2012 as the software based vision mixer.


      any ideas as i'd prefer to get aquainted with cs6, but at the meoment won't be able to use it.