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    Why do pdfs placed in InDesign and exported to pdf again look fuzzy?

    Tara_Broadway Level 1

      I'm having a problem with pdfs placed in InDesign and then exported to pdf again. I'm receiving school magazines from a lot of different schools (which is as much of a headache as it sounds), and several of them are having the same problem. The ads are provided as pdfs, then placed in the InDesign document by the students and exported to press-quality print pdfs, but sometimes the ads in the resulting pdfs come out looking pixellated, like they're low-res. Even the text and other vector items are pixellated. It sounds like a broken link in InDesign, but when I walked them through it over the phone, we checked that and it didn't help. Can anyone think of a reason why it would do this only in some documents, but not others, and only with some ads? I'm assuming it's user error, but I need to figure out what they're doing wrong so I can walk them through it.


      Here are the files for the latest example.  In this example, two ads came out pixellated and one didn't, even though they're on the same page of the same document. When I place them in InDesign myself and export them, they look fine, so I have no idea what these kids are doing wrong. I'm using CS4, but the students are probably using CS5 or CS6. I'm kind of a novice with Acrobat, and I can't tell if there's a difference between the boutique ad, which was fine, and the other two.


      So far, the only solution we've found is to convert the ads to tifs. Are pdfs just a bad choice for ads being placed into InDesign?