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    Certificate Revocation - October 4th and beyond

    Jim Morrill Level 1

      I work for a very large enterprise. We have Flash Player and Shockwave installed on the workstations. What will the end user impact be if we do not have the latest version(s) of the software installed? Will the software function as it did before? Does this affect the browser plugin for IE and Firefox as well? Or do we only need to be concerned about installations of Flash and Shockwave that occur after the certificate has been revoked on October 4th? To me it looks like a silent install/packaged version of the software may prompt to "accept software from a untrusted publisher" during install but software already installed on our machines should be ok. Please veriify.

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          Kirsten Harris Adobe Employee

          We recommend that you update the FlashPlayer and Shockwave Player already installed on your enterprise computers. They will continue to run after October 4th, but in some situations may trigger a warning "Publisher unknown, are you sure you want to run this software".


          Any Adobe Reader already installed on users' machines doesn't need to be updated. If you have a standalone Reader as part of your IT managed image, we recommend that you either update it with the latest Reader, or better, use the distributable version of Reader. The reason is that the standalone version of Reader has an installation helper file which is be impacted by the certificate revocation. Already installed Reader versions are not impacted.