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    Testing and debugging

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          Bramblethorne Level 1

          Probable BUG:


          I believe the final section of the documentation "Change Application ID while testing or debugging" is incorrect.  Despite removing the ".debug" from the AppID in the run configuration, and making certain nothing of that nature appears in the manifest (just covering all the bases even though that's not referenced in this section), when I attempt to build onto my device, I still receive an AppID mismatch error [Exception occurred during launch Reason: The AIR application ID "org.PictureTools.Apps.PictureToolsOnTheMoveMakeIt.debug" does not match the pattern "org.PictureTools.apps.PictureToolsOnTheMoveMakeIt" specified in the provisioning profile. Either change the applications ID, or use a provisioning profile that matches the existing ID.]


          Any solutions?


          Btw... The error dialog contains incorrect English grammar.  The possessive "Either change the applications ID, or use..." should be denoted using an apostrophe, "Either change the application's ID, or use...". I so believe.  Cheers!

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            Bramblethorne Level 1

            As this is the first hit from Google when searching on this subject, it means that there are no other resources to solve the problem and I cannot continue with development.  I'd be very grateful for a response.


            I'm a bit disenchanted that I spend far more of my time researching solutions to AIR versions that don't match (and finding the solution not from Adobe/Apache, but from third party help), and other similar problems... I cannot find any documentation explaining that mx components cannot be explicitely included in Mobile projects any longer (I've found tutorials for doing so up to FB 4.6).... Spending time finding the solution to the complete fiasco of installing FB 4.7 and being prompted to enter one's AdobeID but not told that doing so will -always- fail and the 'help with problems' link failing... and then the provided S/N not working and my existing S/N not working....far more time doing this than I spend developing.  Ah well.

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              Bramblethorne Level 1

              Adding -debug=false to the project properties, as found in older 'solutions' fails.   Still munging the AppID w/o permission.

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                Bramblethorne Level 1

                Creating an entirely new provisioning cert to reflect the munged AppID solved the problem.  This is not a solution, but a kludge.

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                  Mallika Yelandur Adobe Employee



                  I'll have someone from the product team check on this, and I'll also check if any updates need to be made to the documentation.



                  Mallika Yelandur

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                    Mallika Yelandur Adobe Employee


                    For a quicker response, please post your questions to: http://forums.adobe.com/community/labs/flashbuilder4-7?view=discussions. The Flash Builder 4.7 forum is actively monitored by the Flash Builder engineering team.



                    Mallika Yelandur

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                      Bramblethorne Level 1

                      Thank you.  Appreciate the quick response.  I also appreciate that someone is monitoring the comments to the docs.  I would almost think this location at least as important as forums for identifying tasks/problems for the engineering team.   Cheers!  I'll check it out on the forums (I think I have already made mention in existing posts).

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                        oziko Level 1


                        I've installed the FB 4.7 version and tried the 'Test and debug an iOS application on a simulator'.

                        I got the following error message: The iOS Simulator Bridge (ISB) component is not installed.

                        I use MAC OS 10.6.8 and xCode 3.2.3.


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                          Hi, it works with Mac OS 10.8.2 and xCode 4.5.2, try to update xCode

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                            scottobot Level 1

                            "Note: If you have not changed your code or assets since the last debug IPA package was generated, Flash Builder skips the packaging and debugs the application. That is, you can launch the installed application on your device and click Debug to connect to the Flash Builder debugger. This way, you can debug repeatedly without packaging the application every time."


                            This appears to not be working in Flash Builder 4.7.  It always worked fine in 4.6.  Basically it packages the application every single time I click Debug, regardless of whether anything was changed.

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                              LeaPaul Level 1

                              scottobot, it's happening the same to me, extremely annoying, I hope adobe can take a look at this issue.