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    browseForDirectory doesn't display dialog


      I'm seeing an issue running a Flex 4.1 Air application on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (x64) in which the Browse For Folder dialog fails to appear. I thought this might have been related to an out-of-date version of the Air runtime, so I updated it to version 3.4, and still no luck. FWIW, the application is compiled on a 32-bit machine, and uses a 32 bit version of the Air runtime (didn't find a 64 bit version).


      The code in question is simple:


      var dir:File = new File();

      dir.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, openDir);

      dir.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, openDir);

      dir.addEventListener(Event.CANCEL, browsingCancelled);

      dir.browseForDirectory("Select directory.");


      In every other instance, this opens a handy-dandy dialog window, but not this time. Nothing appears to happen: no loss of focus on the main application window or disabling of functionality, and especially not a file dialog.


      We've been running this application on several Windows OSes, from 32 bit XP, to 64 bit Server 2003, and a couple others, all without problems. Has anyone else encountered this before? Suggestions on a fix, or a likely culprit? I'm looking for next steps to diagnose, too. The application is packaged in an installer, which doesn't provide me with many options for debugging from the Adobe docs I've read so far.


      Any help would be appreciated. I'll try to provide more details where I can, if needed.