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    images with same name in different folders being swapped

    Steven D. Reid

      I've been out at a printers freelancing and using CS6 for the first time. I've a 64 page document with a large number of images (100+) that have been given various treatments and held in folders named to identify them.


      originals: sweden.jpg, germany.jpg, india.jpg…etc

      saturated: sweden.jpg, germany.jpg, india.jpg…etc

      greyscale: sweden.jpg, germany.jpg, india.jpg…etc


      and so on. The document contains differnt combinations of these pictures, all in all I've about 1,000 image links in the document.


      I opened up my document this morning and found for some reason the links to the images were broken - no idea why as no folders seem to have been moved but when I relinked to one of them - say a greyscale image - they ALL linked to the wrong set - the "saturated" ones. Looking at the image path in the links panel I see that's what's happened, ALL the link paths to ALL the images say "saturated", never mind the fact they're greyscale in the document.


      So is this a known issue? At the moment I can't find any solution but to relink manually over a thousand images, which, lets face it, is a bit of a disaster for me and the job deadline.


      I've used indesign for years and never come across anything even CLOSE to this sort of behaviour.

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          Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

          InDesign has a feature that will automatically search for other missing links when you fix a missing link. When you relinked the first of your grayscale images, you may have accidentally relinked to the saturated image. When this happened it searched the directory that the newly re-linked file was in for all the other missing files. Since your image names all matched up to images in that directory, they all got re-linked.


          This auto-relink feature can be toggled in the relink dialog:




          If you have a backup of your file, you can revert to that version, and try to relink your images from that one. In the future you should make sure that images all have unique identifiers, it is bad practice to have images with identical names.