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    Is Kuler dead?


      Been days and no Kuler, so sad.

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          A heads-up would have been nice.


          Sure, the site is down for maintenance, but, for how long? It's been down for 2 days now (AFAIK).


          If they're getting hacked, that's one thing, but it's kind of rude not to post an announcement to let users know they'll be down and for how long.


          And if they're down permanently, it would have been great to export your favorites.

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            Yeah, what's up? I started using Kuler again a few days ago. Showed it to a coworker and he said, "Wow, that's a cool tool!" And then *poof*.


            Please allow my speculation to fill the information vacuum: The total shutdown and silence on the part of Adobe smells of a security breach. In which case maybe it's important they let us know what's going on. Information, please.

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              Yeah, just as I start on a project incorporating Kuler -- poof!  It's gone.  I do find it odd that Adobe has provided very little information. Sure, this might not be the equivalent of the Cloud being offline/dead but it's been at least three days (I started checking last Saturday). If it wasn't free I'd ask for a refund (ha, ha).

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                C'mon Adobe, let us know what's up with this wonderful tool.  We love it, use it and want to see our sets and palettes again!!!

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                  groove25 Level 4

                  I assume people saw the Announcement posted at top of this forum? It's kind of easy to overlook, so just in case, here it is...


                  Kuler website temporarily offline.png

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                    TerribleUI Level 1

                    Which says nothing we didn't already know. Where are those status updates?

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                      CptBongue Level 1

                      To their credit, finally today they updated kuler's main page to indicate they do intent to bring it back up, and provided a expected date range


                      My guess is they got hacked.


                      The interesting thing is, the only valuable thing they might get is the passwords... I'd hate it if hackers ever found out what my favorit color pallettes were!

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                        TerribleUI Level 1

                        If there's a security breach, you take things offline and immediately notify users. You don't go radio silent.

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                          David__B Adobe Employee

                          I posted the anouncement, sorry if you missed it. I don't know the specifics of why kuler website/database was taken down. I have not heard anything about any kind of security breach. I believe it was for maintence and I know we anticipate having it back online in a few weeks. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.



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                            David__B Adobe Employee

                            The Kuler website and database were offline temporarily for maintenance but are available again now.