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    Detect when app was auto-started at login?

      Is there a way to detect when your AIR app has been invoked automatically at user login, as opposed to being launched explicitly by running the program via a desktop icon, tray, or file association?

      I've tried looking at the event object passed in by the invoke event, but it doesn't have any flag to say how the app was invoked.

      The reason I ask is that it would be nice to start the app in a minimized state (no window visible) when auto-launched at login. The user could then use the taskbar menu (or dock) to view menus and/or make the app visible.

      However, when the user explicitly launches the app, we'd want it to show the main app window right away.

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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          You can distinguish being invoked via an associated file from the other cases because, when invoked from a file, the path to the file will be in the arguments array of the InvokeEvent.

          Unfortunately, there's no way to distinguish between launch at login and and launch via the desktop icon. I think it's fair to say that was an oversight.

          Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering