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    Is there any way to repair (re-install) the internal flash player for IE10?


      Hi eveyone,


      In short;

      been running Win 8 Pro 64-bit for a couple of days now. Decided it was time to try out some software so installed  a trial of Fix It Utilities Professional (bad decision).


      Installed it, played around for a bit and after a while I came up with the brilliant idea of running a registry clean/fix (insert facepalm) and some overall clean-up, just curious

      to seel the results.


      Being stupid and feeling lazy, cleaned everything and didn't create a backup. Everything seemed fine afterwards. Only the internal flash player for IE 10 dissapeared

      from the Add-ons list, hence the plugin itself stopped working.I've tried everything I think I've tried all the help options I could find on the Adobe site, but nothing seems to work (un-install tool,

      delete files and folders, IE's security settings back to default, checked ActiveX status and permissons, reset all data and settings for IE10 etc) Something must have been modified in the registry

      but I'm just unable to locate the problem. I also installed the latest beta for Chrome and that's working like a charm, no problems at all and the performance is great.

      So this is the error I receive:





      I'm kinda stuck now; the installer won't let me installl it because IE has a built in plugin, but it's not working in IE. It's not even visible in the add-on menu.


      I know it was a pretty stupid thing to do, but I still hope someone here knows what to do. I;m kinda running out of ideas/options (not going to edit the registry myself, because you can

      bet your money this will only have a negative outcome


      thanks in advance!



      the last thing I can think of is that OpenOffice and Windows Live Messenger also use flash, if i'm correct. E.g. in the OpenOffice folder there is a flash.dll file. Could these files be of real



      ill copy all the current flash files and keys/values, seems the only way to clear thing ups a bit