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    Selecting colors similar to in Illustrator?

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      In Illustrator I can double click on a color in the toolbox to open the Color Picker to select a hue from the Color Spectrum, and then play with the saturation and brightness in the color field. What is the closest thing to this in Fireworks?



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          There's a panel in Fireworks called Color Palette (Window > Color Palette) that has several different modes; the Selector mode offers a Color Picker-type layout with HLS, HSV, CMYK and RGB modes. Unlike Photoshop and Illustrator, its "grid vs. slider" interface is fixed, but it also provides individual sliders immediately beneath, which let you control each dimension independently. I think this was originally a third-party extension, and it doesn't quite feel as fully integrated as other default components, but it offers a lot of interesting functionality.


          Color Palette.png



          Fireworks' main color picker is a Swatches palette, but it also includes a System Color Picker option that lets you take advantage of your operating system's native color picker options, if they're available. On a Mac, this includes a variety of interface styles, including a Color Wheel, HSB Sliders, etc.


          Swatches color picker.pngMac OS Color Wheel.pngMac OS Sliders.png



          There's also Fireworks' native Color Mixer panel, which lacks visual feedback but is a handy way to adjust colors by dimension. It offers RGB, Hexadecimal, CMY, HSB, and Grayscale modes.


          FW Color Mxer.png

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