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    Newbie problem: what files do I need to upload?

    John_Nolan Level 1

      I've added a small test Edge animation to a page on my web site, but I'm not getting the entire thing to display. It has a bit of text fading in, and one graphic that eases in... but when I upload it I don't see the graphic.


      I'm guessing I haven't placed the graphic in the expected location, but I don't know how to figure it out. It would seem the the graphic should be at "http://www.ragandbone.ca/images/Zoom_shenkman1.jpg", and I think it's there, but it doesn't display. What am I doing wrong?


      And, while I have your ear, can someone give me a simple way of identifying what files I need to upload?


      I'm pasting into my page in Dreamweaver 6 (but not the cloud version, so I don't have the simple "import Edge" command, rats!)


      Here's the URL: