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    how to keep a radio button checked when page refreshes with new results?

    anb_newbie Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am working on a page which displays 2 kinds of events: Upcoming Events and past Events. I have used 2  radio buttons : Upcoming and Past.

      I have set the intial state of the "upcoming" radio button to checked because when the page first loads, it will show the Upcoming Events (reading the info from the database). However, when the viewer wants to see Past events, he clicks on the  "Past" radio button, the page refreshes with the right info BUT the checked status of the "past" radio button is unchecked! So, the Past Events are displayed and the "Upcoming" radio is checked instead of the "past" radio being checked.


      Is there a way to keep the Past radio button checked when the page refreshes?